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Khushi's Remarkable Journey from Poverty to Football Glory!

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Her name is Khushi and her journey with us wasn't just about football. It was about finding a sense of purpose and hope amid adversity.

Khushi comes from JJ Savda Colony in Delhi, a place where life can be tough for many. She grew up with five sisters and a brother, and her father worked for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi to provide for their family.

However, tragedy struck her family in 2020 with his untimely passing, leaving them in shock and grief.

After her father's death, Khushi's brother took on the responsibility of providing for their family, but he did not succeed. Luckily, her mother received a pension that covered their household expenses.

Despite the challenges, Khushi has always stayed positive and resilient. Before joining our football programme, implemented by Magic Bus, she played football with children in her colony and had a passion for it.

And when she heard of our campaign, she could not miss the opportunity!

With every match, Khushi's skills improved, and her confidence grew. Today, she participates in tournaments & competitions organized by Magic Bus.

On Women's Day, her team of eight girls participated in a tournament organized by Football Delhi at Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, where 250 teams competed.

They may not have won the tournament, but they secured the 16th position, a remarkable achievement for a team from a poverty-struck background.

Khushi appreciates the opportunity she has been given and practices every day under the watchful eye of their coach, determined to pursue a career in football.

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Sakshi Grover

Sakshi Grover

Sakshi dreams of writing a gripping murder mystery – unless she’s creating content and building the Giving for Good brand. She’s a tennis player, a swimmer, a crime fiction enthusiast, and a twenty-something-year-old who enjoys volunteer work.

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