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We believe in the power of volunteers and the good they bring to communities. Making an impact is not restricted to the amount of money you can donate. It extends to your willingness to get involved in the process of change. If you’re looking to utilise your knowledge, time, and skills for something that will uplift your community, we are here to help. Volunteer virtually with GfG to educate children online, share your skills with a partner NGO, spread awareness on social media, amplify campaigns, and help our fundraising campaigns. E-volunteer and donate your knowledge, for it is far more valuable than anything tangible.

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Unlock Certificates on Completion

Unlock Certificates on Completion

We Value Your Skills!

Simple acts of kindness never go unnoticed, just like an attempt on your part to change the world into a better place. E-volunteering with GfG comes with additional perks and tokens of appreciation to boost your morale and motivate you each time you bring about change. Sign up for our skill-based online volunteering program and claim your certificate on completion. It enhances your resume while making the world around you a better place.

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Double-check your contact details; we’d love to stay in touch! And don’t forget to upload your resume. It helps us bring meaningful volunteer opportunities to you.


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Our team will contact you for a brief verification and keep you posted on all e-volunteer opportunities available. Fret not; your details are entirely safe with us.


Your time to shine

Once we come across e-volunteer opportunities that match your skill set and availability, details on the project will be sent right to your inbox. Choose to volunteer or wait for the next opportunity—the choice is entirely yours.


Tokens of appreciation

Once you complete your project, a certificate designed for you will be sent to your inbox. Share your experience in the form of testimonials; we’d love to celebrate your achievements on our website.

What’s in it for you?

Volunteer Benefits

  • icon1 Use your skills for the benefit of those in need.
  • icon2 Network and grow with like-minded people who share your passion.
  • icon3 Build your resume with professional experience.
  • icon4 Unlock customised certificates of appreciation acknowledging your contribution.
  • icon5 Gain unique experience while being part of something bigger than you.
  • icon6 Get featured on our website by sharing your testimonial.
  • icon7 Grab a chance to get a shout-out in our newsletters.
Volunteer Benefits

E-volunteer with GfG

Apply to our 15-day volunteer program to develop skills while helping a community.

E-volunteer with GfG