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Rising from Adversity: Roshni Gupta's Journey of Skills and Success!

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Roshni is one of 5 children in a family that lives in a slum community beside Mumbai’s largest garbage dump in Deonar. Her father permitted her to pursue education until Class 12, but only because her elder sister was in the same school as her. As soon as her sister got married, her father refused to let Roshni travel alone to any institution for further studies. Her educational journey came to a sudden end. 

While Roshni spent her days unemployed and alone at home, she watched her younger brothers continue to study. Her second brother is now in class 12 and her third brother in class 8. Her eldest brother didn’t study past class 10, as back then the family couldn’t afford high school tuition for him. He works in a garage today. 

The Vision Rescue team met Roshni one afternoon during a routine house visit, and the Case Officer heard of her interrupted education. The Case Officer, who was visiting the family to help set progress goals for the days to come, offered to enroll Roshni into our Skills Training batch. Roshni was eager to join Vision Rescue’s newly launched Beautician and Haircare Course, sponsored by Giving for Good, and she successfully joined the course in September 2022. 

She made it to almost every class throughout the three-month course and was quick to absorb new concepts. From a quiet, shy girl who had very little confidence in herself or hope for her future, we watched Roshni transform into an outgoing lady who speaks her mind, grooms herself well, and is excited to make friends! 

As soon as Roshni graduated from the course, she went straight to work. She told her neighbours, friends and relatives about the skills she learnt, and started working from home. Shaping eyebrows, haircuts, facials – Roshni put everything she had learned on the course to good use! Today, she dreams of opening up her own Beauty and Haircare boutique in her community. We're thrilled with her progress, and hope that she continues to bring steady income to her household. 

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Vision Rescue

Giving for Good and Vision Rescue have partnered for a unique campaign to empower youth with job-ready skills. By working hand-in-hand, we're committed to creating sustainable change, and positively impacting the lives of hundreds of individuals from the slum communities of Mumbai.

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