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Financial Freedom for Shehnaz - One Hand at a Time

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Shehnaz Sheikh is a 24-year-old mother of two. She lives in an impoverished slum community north of Mumbai with her husband and children. Her husband is the only earning member for this family. He works in catering, but his earrings are erratic. Some months he earns up to 10k, some months, it’s a quarter of that depending on industry demand. To make matters worse, Shehnaz’s parents are dependent on her financially. 

For years Shehnaz has wanted to support her husband financially, but she was neither educated nor skilled. She says, “Many months, by the time I have supported my parents, I don’t even have enough to buy groceries for my family.”

Her son Ishant is 5 and studies in Vision Rescue’s Beacon Learning Centre inside their slum community. Her daughter Ishani is 3. When our Case Officer visited their family to assist with their development needs, Shehnaz opted to pick up a new skill by joining our mehendi course.

When Shehnaz first started out with us, she was quiet and uncomfortable meeting new people. Over time, especially with the life-skills sessions, she opened up, gained friends and confidence in our classes.

Post graduation, Shehnaz has been taking orders for mehndi designs from her neighbourhood women, charging Rs. 50-60 per hand. “In the days ahead, I want to get better at my craft, gain more clients, and become financially independent.

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Giving for Good and Vision Rescue have partnered for a unique campaign to empower youth with job-ready skills. By working hand-in-hand, we're committed to creating sustainable change, and positively impacting the lives of hundreds of individuals from the slum communities of Mumbai.

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