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All You Need to Know About #EverydaySheroes Instagram Contest!

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International Women's Day may be behind us, but we're here to celebrate women every day. Because women don’t matter for just 24 hours! If you’re looking to participate and join in on this social contest, here’s your guide! 

About #EverydaySheroes contest:

Vision Rescue & Giving for Good have partnered for a unique #giveaway, as we celebrate women, empower them, and maximise their potential. Through this contest, both non-profits aim to spread awareness about the importance of skill development for Indian women who come from low-income communities. Our goal is to empower, not compare, insult, or discourage women. Our gift hampers are handcrafted by women, for women. This being an Instagram contest, all participants must dedicate one or more Instagram stories to the women in their lives they wish to celebrate. 

How to participate:

Simple steps to submit your entries for this Instagram contest:

  1. Upload one or more stories to your Instagram, with the lovely ladies in your life (grandma/mother/spouse/sister/girlfriend/best friend/house help).
  2. Tag @visionrescue & @givingforgoodfoundation on the story/stories.
  3. Use #EverydaySheroes and #CelebratingMyShero
  4. Post the story/stories and share screenshots with @givingforgoodfoundation.
  5. Follow both pages and help us spread the word.
  6. Brownie points for inviting 3 or more followers to participate. 

 Who can participate:

  • All individuals above the age of 18 (yes, men too can dedicate stories to the special women in their lives!)
  • This contest is for residents of India only.
  • Gift hampers will be shipped to 3 women who live in India.
  • All entries through Instagram stories are eligible.
  • It is good practice to share a screenshot each time you post a story. 
  • There is no limit to the number of entries you submit between the start and end dates of the contest.  

 Each gift hamper includes:

  1. A unique, handmade tote bag with the winner’s name hand-embroidered on it.
  2. A cute travel pouch/bag. 
  3. Handmade bracelets.
  4. Adorable coasters.
  5. A diary made from handmade paper.

Contest start date: 11th March 2023

Contest end date: 25th March 2023

Winners will be announced by the end of this month. So, why wait? Hype up the women in your life, today and every day!

FAQs about the #EverydaySheroes contest:

What sets this contest apart from others? 

Giving for Good and Vision Rescue’s #EverydaySheroes contest aims to promote awareness for a campaign that empowers women and youth living in the slums of Mumbai through vocational skill training. By providing upskilling opportunities, we aim to assist 117 women and youth in securing steady income, thus breaking the cycle of poverty in their families. Additionally, we intend to expand our efforts by adding 185 more women to this program.

How can I support this cause? 

You may donate to our fundraiser through the following link: 

Can individuals residing outside India participate in the contest? 

We regret to inform you that the gift hampers can only be shipped within India. However, you may dedicate your stories to women residing in India.

How are the winners selected? 

Winners will be shortlisted based on the eligibility criteria, guidelines provided above, the number of stories, and the number of participants they invite.

Who is eligible to receive the gift hampers, the individual uploading the stories, or the women mentioned in the stories? 

If you are a woman, you may decide whether to dedicate the gift hamper to yourself or to any woman you have mentioned.

Is it acceptable to dedicate stories to myself?

Yes, it is entirely acceptable to dedicate stories to yourself.

Can you describe the gift hampers? 

Each gift hamper contains a collection of handmade products, meticulously crafted by women in our skill development campaign. The hamper will include a tote bag embroidered with the winner's name, a travel pouch, bracelets, coasters, and a diary made from handmade paper.

Sakshi Grover

Sakshi Grover

Sakshi dreams of writing a gripping murder mystery – unless she’s creating content and building the Giving for Good brand. She’s a tennis player, a swimmer, a crime fiction enthusiast, and a twenty-something-year-old who enjoys volunteer work.

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