Positive effects of donating to charity

7 Benefits of Giving to Charity

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The act of charity has always been known to come from kindness, selflessness, and the good in us, as people. Yet, we often forget that giving, and donating, have many personal benefits too. While still being an act of selflessness, and coming from a place that drives change, the act of charity has many positive effects on those who want to do good.

The amazing benefits to donating to charity:

Kind words, positive actions and the act of donating your time, effort and money to charity can positively impact your mind and body. These unique benefits of donating will leave you with a feeling of happiness.

1. Positively Impacts Your Mood and Sense of Self

Many studies have been conducted over the years to understand how donating to charity affects a person. It boosts your mood and the mood of those you help. It even brings about a feeling of satisfaction and joy. It has been scientifically proven that giving even a small amount produces neurological activity in our brain that promotes a feeling of pleasure and joy. The knowledge that you voluntarily donated time and/or money in order to help others in need or create positive change in the world provides a positive feeling. 

2. Impacts the Lives of Beneficiaries 

Donating leads to a profound impact. By donating your time, money, and resources, you not only improve the lives of people, but you also inspire change. Your kindness brings about a sense of community along with inspiring those around you to do more for the betterment of our world. Eventually, you hold the power to inspire and encourage friends and family to join in your efforts.

3. Boosts Growth and Development 

The help you provide, and the aid you give, not only change the lives of those you’re helping, but yours as well. When you see, firsthand, how your time, energy, and efforts can help people, it brings about a strong belief in the power to do good. It makes you grow as a person, and above all, gives you hope. Furthermore, it brings to light new perspectives and opinions on topics about which you were previously uninformed. This is important for a lot of reasons, such as gaining a greater understanding of the world and your community.

4. Gives Life a New Meaning

The direct involvement in the betterment of the world, one small step at a time, helps in many ways. You grow your skillset and pick up on new things, you meet new people, and learn new ways to help. That learning and experience will help you navigate the world better. When you work with those who are like-minded and share your beliefs, you find value and a sense of belonging. You are giving yourself the opportunity to fuel your passion and spend time doing things you love. 

5. Highlights the Greater Good

When donating, you offer aid to those who are in need of it the most. From volunteering at an animal shelter to donating money to an education fund - through giving, you can ensure that the help you give reaches the right people, at the right time. People may go to school because of the scholarship you fund, children may feel supported by the shelter or food they receive, animals may be saved because of the organization you donate to, and society’s carbon footprint may decrease as a result of your research and efforts. Ultimately, giving back shows kindness and those around you see that.

6. Helps You Express Gratitude  

Donating is a beautiful channel for you to express gratitude for all that you have received. There are countless charities and programs who do their bit to better the world. From research and vocational training to providing necessities to those who lack them - the act of charity can go a long way. Through charity, we are reminded of all that we have, and it gives us the opportunity to give back to society. 

Bonus: Tax Benefit! 

The most obvious benefit of charity, while donating money, is the tax benefit that comes along with giving surplus. Governments around the world recognize the good in giving and have set up a financially rewarding system for those who donate. It is important to stress how the act of charity is not limited to writing off large cheques to the biggest foundations around the world. You can give more than money to charity. 

You can give your time by volunteering and working at a nonprofit organization, or by sharing resources. You can volunteer at animal shelters to ensure the animals are happy and are getting their daily walks or even foster animals in need. You can take out few hours each week to help organize large amounts of data, or file paperwork for an NGO. You can assist students develop skills online, or offer to teach children through virtual classes. Another way to help around by spreading awareness about local charities in your social circles.

There is no right way to be generous or kind, but one way to do it is by donating and giving through charity. Trust us, it comes with more positive benefits than you can imagine. 

Sakshi Grover

Sakshi Grover

Sakshi dreams of writing a gripping murder mystery – unless she’s creating content and building the Giving for Good brand. She’s a tennis player, a swimmer, a crime fiction enthusiast, and a twenty-something-year-old who enjoys volunteer work.

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