About GfG

Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.
Our Story

About GfG

In 2018, Giving for Good (GFG) was founded as a philanthropic initiative by iResearch Services Pvt. Ltd. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to uplifting the weaker, and often overlooked, populations in our society. We aim to educate young minds, develop our communities, and leave behind a legacy of improved capabilities. By selecting activities and projects that work to solve issues like discrimination and destitution, we help keep the profits earned by iResearch in the communities it thrives in. Our crowdfunding technique helps us collect the funds we need to help communities where they need it the most.

Academics, Sports and Skill Development

Quality education is a basic human right and, when paired with the right guidance, it holds the potential to transform every child’s future for the better. At GfG, we value sports as much as academics, and together, these two forms of education can instil life lessons in children of all age groups.

Environmental Resilience and Sustainability

Human activities, especially consumer habits, have severely damaged our natural ecosystems. We believe that the world will be much cleaner and greener when every household tries its level best to go green, reduce waste and cut down on meat consumption. Mindful consumer habits along with active participation from the youth can help restore natural ecosystems and beautify the environment. It’s a start.

Community Health & Development

The Covid-19 pandemic brought along two life lessons – the value of good health and, sometimes, acts of kindness can save lives! We aim to develop our local communities by going big on both fronts. Our efforts aim to support the marginalized sections of society in every way possible and bring to them better opportunities to earn a living in a nourishing, beautiful environment.


What We Do

Raise Funds

With help from local partner agencies, we identify social and environmental gaps and pen down strategic plans to fix them. On reaching a sustainable solution, we raise funds, individually, for each project and our partner agencies ensure that the lump sum is used solely for educational/environmental upliftment and development.

Spread Smiles

GfG salutes all you amazing people who go out of your way and spread happiness. We’re fans of random acts of kindness and believe that every good deed has a beautiful story attached to it. These stories inspire us, help us see the good in people, and that’s why we bring them to our donors/readers. Afterall, kind gestures like these all put together make the world a better place.

Entrust Volunteers

The beauty of helping others is not limited to ‘how much’ you can donate. What if we told you that you can donate in kind? Here’s your chance to use your skills and help end the cycle of poverty. A couple hours every week can help hundreds of people live better, breathe better, and earn an honest living. Stay tuned for updates on e-volunteer opportunities!

Know how your donation makes a difference!

We understand the importance of knowing how your money is spent, and we value your faith in us as much as we value your contribution. That is why we deliver 100% transparency for all donations. When you donate to GfG, 97.64% of your money funds the campaign you select. The balance 2.36% is collected as a fee by Razorpay, the gateway that processes your transaction. We back up our work with real receipts sent directly to your email inbox.

From the Team

Yogesh Shah

Yogesh Shah

“Receiving is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Support is a choice. Respect is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Choos...
Niraj Shirgaokar

Niraj Shirgaokar

Executive Director
“Giving for Good, created by Team iResearch, is an essential foundation, established to do our part for our Corporate Social Responsibil...
Rahul Johar

Rahul Johar

Executive Director
“We often wait for the perfect time to do the right thing in life - to support a community, or help sponsor a cause. What we fail to rea...
Sakshi Grover

Sakshi Grover

Brand Marketing Lead
“The Giving for Good Foundation does amazing work to educate and empower children, especially girls of all ages. Most of our programs ar...

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Partner Foundations

When we come together and do little things with great love, wonderful things can be achieved. Meet our amazing partner foundations who help us keep up The Good Work!
Magic Bus Foundation
IDEA Foundation
Jeevitnadi - Living River Foundation
Anandvan Foundation
Marketing Research Education Foundation
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  • CSR Excellence Award
  • Best Newcomer to CSR
  • Best Environment Friendly Project