Events by the River

Wetland Development and River Cleaning Drive


When an alarming topic like global warming is talked about, why is it that our first focus moves towards melting glaciers or recycling and upcycling processed plastic material? Well, we are all aware that charity begins at home, so why don't we, as responsible citizens, look around and try to make a difference for the environment bit by bit? Many subconscious decisions that you take bring about danger amidst nature, including use of plastic material, wastage of water, utilization of precious natural resources like gas and oil. Global warming is a result of all these subconscious decisions, and when you rope in industrial damage, well, that is a different ball game altogether. Enormous hazardous fumes let out from big chimneys into the air, polluting the purity of the air we breathe, creating a breach between nature and society by cutting down trees for infrastructure, disposing nonrecyclable garbage around the city and trees are another step closer to permanent damage to the environment. 

India exhibits a wide range of climates throughout the year, in different parts of the country. When India took its first step towards liberalization, privatization and globalization, the main aim was to enhance the country's economic standard and upgrade the lifestyle and infrastructure of the country. Little did we know that this LPG would further be responsible for the world's climate change altogether. Since the last 20 years, our country has witnessed a massive leap in terms of development. Because of this development, we have never given back to nature for all that we have taken from it. Pollution being the worst enemy of all has been called upon in our country and has not been left for years.

To make a difference one day at a time, we can take up the effort to avoid permanent extinction for our future generations. Recycling and upcycling of plastic waste, recycling clothing, replacing natural resources such as wood, petrol, and oil with other sustainable and economical substitutes. Leaning towards renewable resources such as solar water heating on developed and developing buildings, keeping the environment clean, and merely adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle can alone bring about massive changes for and towards the climate. As important as it is for us as citizens to take a step towards a better and cleaner future, it is equally our responsibility to educate the people around us about the same.

Change may not occur overnight, but if a big number of people come together as one and stand strong against this problem, then there is no going back. All it takes is that one spark of motivation to make a change and a conscious effort and choice to make the world a better place. Being alert about our immediate surroundings is the first step towards a better change, which led to the introduction of the wetland project by Giving for Good foundation. The primary focus of this initiative was to make the Mula Mutha river, a living river once again. GfG initiated the ‘adopt a river stretch’ program that allowed members to select one stretch of the river and work towards cleaning it, along with checking the source of pollution that it faces. 1500 citizens of Pune city were saved through this cleanliness drive. 3 massive river stretches were adopted from the Mula Mutha riverside and people worked day in day out to get rid of all the pollutants. The wetland development team got rid of 4 stagnant pools that were housing millions of mosquitos and insects. To create awareness, various activities such as storytelling, kirtan, poetry programs were held alongside the river, and 100 trees were planted across the floodplains Finally, to maintain this hygiene and bid adieu to the source of all the pollution, 3 CCTV cameras have been installed to keep a check on the mischief-makers around. Overall, the initiative was a great success, and we hope to inspire as many people as we can to make change for our coming generations.