Covid-19 Relief

How 32 Employees Raised Funds to Feed 500 Families During the COVID-19 Pandemic!

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In retaliation for the spreading of Coronavirus, in March 2020, the Indian Government announced a nationwide lockdown. This brought all businesses to an abrupt halt including all modes of domestic transportation and even basic resources. With restrictions on sourcing bread and butter, most families had no choice but to utilize the leftover stock that remained in their kitchens.

While most people were rationing out their food, the numbers of those who did not have the luxury to consume mere two meals a day kept increasing. Families starved themselves to death. Senior citizens were trapped within the four walls of their homes without any assistance. The pandemic drastically disrupted the basic food system of our nation. All vendors that supplied perishable and

nonperishable items were at an equal loss. Ideally, the pandemic period was supposed to be a peak season for small growers and so out of helplessness, they were forced to sell their produce at an extensive loss. The lockdown not only impacted the local and regional, but also the food chain at a national level, disrupting the balance and increasing a severe food wastage problem across the country. While we are aware of how hunger and poverty have set up their homes in our country, nothing prepared us for this gigantic wave of loss, grief, and struggle. Every day was a new challenge, a new battle altogether. And this was nothing but a battle of survival that drove people to a level where they had to take extreme measures, unethical even, to fill the stomachs of their families.

Unknowingly, this virus was on the verge of creating a famine for our country. Thousands of individuals away from their hometowns, from their families and loved ones were stranded in big cities. With family dependency, most of them being the only source of income to the family were left helpless. With each passing day, this battle of survival just got worse. Case after case, lockdown after lockdown, it did not seem to have an end to it. Farmers - the understated heroes of our country, faced bigger losses than anybody. The pandemic shook up their only source of income - food production. It became impossible for them to travel back to their villages and so they were trapped within city walls, without any source of income. For most people, this pandemic was no less than a dilemma. A dilemma between two choices of stepping out to fill empty stomachs, or starve themselves to be safe, either way, it was a trap. The vulnerable and marginalized sections of society had a tremendous impact as well. It became close to impossible for them to meet necessities which led to starvation.

While they tormented their lives each day and struggled to make ends meet, Giving for Good Foundation helped the ones in need during such tenuous times. A talented, hardworking, and considerate group of individuals got together and worked vigorously to ease the lives of the unfortunate. We strategically targeted Pune’s worsening hunger crisis and that is when the change was truly brought about, by improving the access to daily essential items and food kits for those in need. Our immediate call to action was a distribution drive that helped 500 families by providing food packets and basic rations containing oil, grains, and salt. 

Wait, there’s more! This project was entirely funded by the employees of iResearch Services. 32 employees along with Yogesh Shah, founder of the Giving for Good Foundation and CEO, at iResearch Services, came together and donated one day of their salaries that in turn helped 500 families for months. The food kits distributed helped feed the elderly, women, men and children who survived on a daily wage, and had next to zero income during the pandemic. This employee engagement activity was voluntary and multiple employees stepped up to help make a difference. Their kindness and effort helped families eat well for months and live at ease without worrying about their next meal. We owe the success of this project to all those employees who generously donated one day of their hard work to help those in need.

Well, this is the power of unity, when like-minded come together, all you can expect is the greater good for all.