Funds Raised (INR)

60 lacs

Funds Raised (INR)

Children Educated


Children Educated

Drives Organized


Drives Organized

Trees Planted


Trees Planted

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Donate for a Cause

  • Employability

    Empower Women with Skill Development

    1% Raised
    Goal : 1,145,001
    Empowering 185 young girls and women from low income communities in Mumbai with employable skills training....
  • Education, Empowerment

    Sports for Excellence

    10% Raised
    Goal : 950,000
    Assisting children from underserved communities in Delhi access football coaching for all-round development....
  • Education, Empowerment


    10% Raised
    Goal : 595,000
    Promoting digital literacy and cyber security awareness among children, women and men in Pune....
Our Story
About GfG

Giving for Good (GfG) is a nonprofit established as a philanthropic initiative by iResearch Services Pvt. Ltd. Since 2018, we’re on a mission to bring equal opportunities to children and women from low-income communities. Our unique ‘4Es model’ focuses on Education, Empowerment, Employability and the Environment for holistic development of communities. By selecting activities and campaigns that solve issues like discrimination and destitution, we work towards educating individuals and empowering them with skills to end the cycle of poverty in their families. Our donation matching fundraisers bridge the gap between those who wish to give to charity in India, and those who need it the most.

Your Impact

Every Rupee you donate is 100% matched

When you donate to Giving for Good, every rupee you give is 100% matched by iResearch Services. Double your impact with our matching donations campaign that guarantees more opportunities to our beneficiaries! We understand the importance of knowing how your money is spent and we provide 100% on all transactions. When you donate, 98% of your money funds projects that focus on education, skill development and environmental restoration. The balance 2% is collected as a fee by the gateway that processes your transaction.

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The Goodness Club

  • Giving back a part if what we have today will always give us eternal peace.

    Kamaljit Matharu
    INR 1500 donated
  • Thrilled to support this campaign and improve access to promising career opportunities.

    Devang Shah
    INR 25000 donated
  • Signed up for a monthly donation subscription to help children learn and fulfil their dreams.

    Kamaljit Matharu
    INR 1000 donated
  • GfG is doing some great work to help children through it's football campaign!

    INR 1000 donated
  • Happy to donate to Giving for Good Foundation. It feels good to give back!

    Pushkar Pandey
    INR 5000 donated
  • Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference. I am starting my giving journey with monthly GfG Donation.

    Uzair Siddiqui
    INR 500 donated
  • GFG inspires our society to listen and respond to the needs of underprivileged children. I’m proud to be a GFG donor and helping them change the world

    Vaidehi Pathak
    INR 500 donated

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