Frequently Asked Questions

What is GfG?

GfG is short for Giving for Good Foundation, a nonprofit based in Pune, India, registered under the Companies Act, 2013. Established to support the marginalized and weaker sections of society, GfG focusses on raising funds for activities including childhood education, skill development and sports exposure. A part of GfG funds also assist in environmental restoration.

Who manages GfG?

GfG was established in 2018 as a philanthropic initiative by iResearch Services Pvt Ltd, a global B2B data-driven thought leadership agency. The team at iResearch operates GfG and oversees all website maintenance costs, activities, content, and salaries of employees.

Why should I donate to GfG?

GfG promises transparency and credibility at every level. We understand the importance of knowing how your money was used. Thanks to our local partners, we share updates backed by real receipts sent directly to your email inbox.

How much of my donation will go towards campaigns?

If you’re an Indian donor, 97.64% of your donation will fund the campaign you select below fundraisers on our website. 96.46% if you’re a non-resident Indian donor opting for International Cards / AMEX / EMI transactions. Balance 2.36% on domestic transactions and 3.54% on international transactions are charged by Razorpay, the gateway that processes your transaction. However, we accept only Indian cards and modes of payment.

What is GfG’s implementing/fundraising fee?


Where does the money go when I donate to GfG?

All funds raised by GfG are transferred to the respective Foundations that help implement and execute the various campaigns. These funds are credited to their bank accounts quarterly/half-yearly/annually, based on their agreements with GfG.

Why do I need to enter my PAN while making donation?

As per the Indian Income Tax Authority Rule, it is mandatory for a donor to enter a valid PAN for donations of and above ₹50,000. The PAN number would need to be added in case the donor wishes to receive the 80G certificate.

What are the modes of payment available?

Donations can be made using Indian credit and debit cards, EMIs (credit/debit cards and cardless), netbanking, UPI and mobile wallets. We are working on processing international modes of payments and shall keep you updated.

How do I know my transaction is secure?

GfG does not store your credit/debit card numbers and it is our priority to keep your personal and card details secure. We make sure we protect the information you provide while donating. Our website is secure and our payment processing partner, Razorpay, has been certified to PCI DSS which is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Can I donate by cheque or cash?

We appreciate your kind gesture. To maintain 100% transparency on our website, we do not accept donations by cheque or in cash.

Can I make an anonymous donation?

Absolutely! We provide you with an option to donate anonymously. While donating through the payment gateway, simple uncheck the boxes that read ‘Post My Name’ and ‘Post My Picture’ before you complete the transaction. Your personal details will not be displayed below ‘Happy Donors’. However, GfG will maintain the record of your donation in our database to comply with guidelines.

Who do I contact if I have a question or issue with my donation?

Please reach out to us at hello@givingforgood.org

Is GfG 80G compliant?

Yes! Indian taxpayers can use their receipt to claim tax deduction u/s 80G for their donations on our website.

Can I donate if I live outside India?

Yes, you can donate via Indian cards and modes of payments. Unfortunately, international cards/payment modes are not yet accepted, and we do not provide tax exemption receipts for non-resident Indian donors.

Who can start a fundraiser with GfG?

All fundraisers on GfG’s website can be set-up by the team alone.

How can I partner with GfG?

You can now make a difference by sharing your knowledge, time, and skills to bring change and volunteer virtually. Sign-up to educate children online, share your skills with a partner NGO, spread awareness on social media, amplify campaigns, and help raise funds. Please visit this page for more details.

Where can I find your financial documents?

You can view and download our annual reports here.

I am a non-resident Indian, and my transaction was unsuccessful. What do I do?

Thank you for your kindness. GfG cannot raise funds outside India at the moment, but you can always help us by transacting via Indian modes of payment and promoting our campaigns on social media.